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ILIFE A10 Mopping

ILIFE A10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Laser Navigation, Vacuum and Mop

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Key Features

*Precise Laser navigation

*Maximum 2000Pa suction power

*Mopping function available

*Auto boost on customized area

*No-go area settings

ILIFE A10 Precise Laser Navigation

Precise Laser Navigation

ILIFE A10 with Laser Navigation to enhance cleaning efficiency.

ILIFE A10 Smart App Control

Smart App Control

Custom Area, Carpet Area, To-Go Zone, No-Go Zone, Schedule. Designate areas you need to clean and areas to avoid on the ILIFEHOME App and the robot will guide itself according to your custom map.

ILIFE A10 Mopping Robot Vacuum Banner

Intelligent Mopping System (A10 Mopping)

Vacuum and mopping 2-in-1.Adjust water flow levels via ILIFEHOME APP for specific rooms cleaning needs.
(Please note that the A10 has a mopping function, but it is not equipped with a water tank and mop cloth.)

A10 Precise Laser Navigation

Precise Laser Navigation and Mapping

Navigation will meticulously scans and maps your home's layout to enhance cleaning efficiency.

A10 Maximum 2000Pa Suction

Powerful Suction up to 2000Pa

Efficiently collects dust, debris and large particles, either on hard floors or low-medium pile carpets.

A10 Auto Boost on Customized Area

Auto Boost on Customized Area

A10 will automatically increase suction power in the zoning area to perform a deeper clean.

A10 Invisible Wall Settings

Invisible Wall Setting Up on APP

Designate the No-Go Zone by drawing a line on the ILIFEHOME App, the robot will avoid these areas where no cleaning is needed.Don't need Physical virtual wall anymore.

A10 Customizable Schedule Cleaning

Customizable Schedule

The A10 will handle all the vacuuming tasks based on what you set up.

A10 Advanced Custom Cleaning

Advanced Custom Cleaning

Robot scans the layout and divides it into multiple sectionsļ¼Œand reserves the map on the app. Then from the app you can select which room you would like to clean

A10 2-in-1 Floating Roller Brush

2-in-1 Floating Roller Brush

The 2-in-1 combination of bristles and rubber will pick up more dust and debris.

A10 Auto-recharges and Resumes Cleaning

Auto-recharges and Resumes Cleaning

If the robot has not finished the layout before the battery runs lower than 10%, the robot will self-recharge to 100% and then continue cleaning from the breakpoint.ļ¼ˆsuit for large housesļ¼‰

What's in the Box

A10 robotic vacuum and mop
Packing List
A10 Robot Vacuum *1Roller Brush *1
Dustbin *1Side Brush *4
Charging Dock *1High-efficiency Filter *1
Charging Mat *1User Manual *1
Remote Control *1Quick Start Guide *1
AAA Battery *2Water Tank *1 (A10 Mopping Only)
Power Adapter *1Mop Cloth * 1 (A10 Mopping Only)
Cleaning Tool *1


ModelILIFE A10
Cleaning modePath, Spot, Edge, MAX, Resumes, Bow Cleaning
SuitabilityTile, hardwood, carpet
Dimension12.99*12.60*3.74 inches
Net weight5.84 lbs
Dustbin capacity450 ml (Cellular Dustbin)
Gradeability15 degrees
Ability to cross obstaclesā‰¤ 0.6 inches
Cleaning timeā‰„ 100 mins
Charging timeā‰¤ 380 mins
Charging typeAuto / Manual
Working voltage14.8 V
Power100-240VAC 50/60HZ 22W

ILIFE A10 User Manual .pdf

ILIFE A10 Mopping User Manual .pdf



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