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ILIFE Shinebot W450 Hard Floor Washing Robot, Best Robot Mop Machine 2022

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Key Features

*Maximum mopping 645ft² in one charge

*Upgraded Panoview navigation

*Suitable for Hard Floors

*Convenient APP control

*Works with Alexa

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ILIFE W450 Product Feature


Upgraded Panoview Navigation

W450 navigates the rooms systematically with the Panoview scanner, ensuring everything is cleaned and avoids repeating areas.


Clean / Dirty Water Separation

W450 separates clean and dirty water into independent water tanks. This greatly improves the cleaning efficiency and properly collects the dirty water for easy disposal and cleaning.


Smart App Control via ILIFEHOME

Use APP Adjust water output, travel speed and roller brush speed to meet specific cleaning needs. Easily monitor and operate the robot anytime, anywhere.

ILIFE W450 Extensive cleaning scene

Suitable for Various Hard Floors

Removes dust, liquids to heavy stains on tile, marble, hardwood or laminate.

Thorough Cleaning

W450 cleans the floor in 4 steps: spray, scrub, suction and scrape. Clean and dry your floor quickly.

ILIFE W450 Thorough Cleaning
ILIFE W450 Customizable Cleaning Plan

Customizable Cleaning Plan

W450 can be set up to clean the same area multiple times for an intense cleaning, as well as set to dry the floor after mopping.

ILIFE Floor Cleaning Solution

Improve the cleaning efficiency with our cleaning solution. Make your floors shine and your house smell clean and fresh.

ILIFE Floor Cleaning Solution
ILIFE W450 Anti-collision & Anti-drop

Anti-collision & Anti-drop

Built-in sensors allow the W450 to avoid obstacles and accidental falls while working.

Simple Installation

Please ensure the roller is installed correctly before cleaning.

ILIFE W450 Simple Installation
ILIFE W450 Not for Vacuuming

Not for Vacuuming

The Shinebot is specially designed to washing the floor only, not vacuuming.

Not for Carpet Cleaning

The Shinebot cannot be used on carpets/rugs.

ILIFE W450 Not for Carpet Cleaning

What's in the Box

Packing List

Shinebot W450 *1

Cleaning Solution *1

Charging Dock *1

Remote Control *1

Roller Brush *1

Power Adapter *1

AAA Battery *2

Cleaning Tool *1

User Manual *1

User's Quick Guide *1

SIZE & Capacity

Dimension: 11.1*11.4*4.65 inches

Net weight: 7.28 lbs

Clean tank capacity: 0.22 gal

Dirty tank capacity: 0.23 gal


Cleaning time: ≥ 80 mins

Charging time: ≤ 300 mins

Power: 100-240VAC 50/60HZ 29W

Shinebot W450

Floor Washinng Robot

Improved Panoview Navigation

With the help of the CV-SLAM algorithm and built-in gyroscopes, the W450 uses panoview visuals to systematically guide itself through rooms, improving navigation accuracy and preventing it from missing areas that require cleaning.

Smart App Control with ILIFEHOME

Dual Water Tank Technology

The W450 employs a clean water tank to store fresh water and a dirty water tank to collect the soiled water generated from mopping the floor

Tidalpower Cleaning System

Effectively cleans tough stains while safeguarding the floor.

3 Cleaning Modes for Different Needs

Multifunctional Panel

Two mechanical buttons with visual indicators provide complete control of the W450 robot and indicate its current status.

Suitable for A Variety of Hard Floors

User-friendly Handle

Using the handle, the robot can be effortlessly transported to the cleaning zone or charging station.

i-Voice Assistant

Provides real-time voice notifications on work status and errors.

OBS All-Terrain Detection System

With a complete suite of terrain detection sensors, the W450 is able to autonomously manage cleaning tasks without accidentally bumping into or dropping anything.



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