What Are the Advantages of V80 Max Mop?

What Are the Advantages of V80 Max Mop?

V80 Max Mop is one of the main models of the ILIFE V series robot vacuum cleaner. As an upgraded model replacing V3s Pro, V5s Pro, and other models, V80 Max Mop combines the main functions of these classic robots and adds the current popular convenient control concept. We hope to provide customers with more options in the category of pet hair-cleaning robots.

Below are some of the key features of the V80 Max Mop that we enumerate. Hope these introductions give you a clearer understanding of it.

Floating Tangle-free Suction Opening

Floating Tangle-free Suction Opening

Different from the mainstream rolling brush design on the market, all ILIFE V-series robots (except V7s Plus) adopt the Suction Opening design. This design can effectively avoid hair tangle problems. Regardless of what other brands claim, tangles are a must-have problem for robots with roller brushes. So if you have pets and bought a robot with a roller brush, then we recommend that you clean the brush regularly to better maintain your robot.

Compared with V3s Pro and V5s Pro, the suction opening of V80 Max is different in that its suction opening can float up and down. To make the robot fit the ground better and maintain a stable suction, the designers made this upgrade. This will be a more effective cleaning system for those uneven surfaces.

Powerful Suction up to 2000Pa

Suction power is an important indicator of robot vacuum cleaners. Among budget-friendly sweeper robots, 1000Pa suction power is a basic indicator, and the V80 Max offers a maximum suction power of 2000Pa. Although the 4000Pa and 5000Pa suction power are common in high-end robots, their high price is not suitable for all customers.

Vacuum and Mop 2-in-1

Vacuum and Mop 2-in-1

Yes, whether it can mop the floor is one of the criteria for evaluating the comprehensiveness of a sweeping robot. Some of high-end models such as Roomba j7+, Roborock S7+, and Dreame L10s Ultra, they can even truly vacuum and mop simultaneously.

Although the V80 Max Mop can't vacuum and mop at the same time, it does have the mopping function, but you need to manually replace the dust box with the water tank.

Smart Control by ILIFEHOME APP

Smart Control by ILIFEHOME APP

Smartphones are the most frequently used tools in modern society. Sometimes, it even goes beyond tool properties. Smartphones have become the key to connecting us with the outside world. And a sweeping robot that can connect to the home network and the user's mobile phone is the key to building a smart home. Through the ILIFEHOME APP, users can achieve more precise control of the V80 Max, which is something that the panel or remote control cannot do, such as adjusting the suction power, adjusting the water flow, and so on.

Extra-large Dustbin

At the moment when the base station robot vacuums are becoming more and more mainstream, as a robot vacuum cleaner without a base station, we also hope that V80 Max users can reduce the frequency of cleaning the dust box. So our solution is to make the capacity of the dust box as large as possible. The V80 Max is equipped with a dust box with a capacity of 750ml, which is undoubtedly more attractive than the dust box capacity of about 400ml for robots of the same price. After all, in the same period, other people need to clean the dust box twice, and V80 Max users only need to clean it once.


The V80 Max Mop is a relatively well-rounded droid, and while not as smart as high-end robots, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better option at that price considering its sub-$200 price tag. Especially for pet families, the ILIFE V series is specially launched for cleaning pet hair. So if you have pets and cleaning pet hair is a problem for you, then you should try the V80 Max Mop. Spend less and get a better experience.

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