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House Cleaning Tips

House cleaning tips by ILIFE robotics. How to clean the house quickly and effortlessly? How to clean the hair lost by pets? Tips for kitchen cleaning. Tips for wooden flooring maintenance.
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How to clean the house quickly and effortlessly?

For every housewife, cleaning the room is a time-consuming and energy-consuming thing, and it is something that needs to be done often. There is always someone with a messy room. How can we clean quickly without repeating the work?

1. Sweep every room first and then mop it up. 

If there is a lot of garbage on the ground, clean it first and then mop it up; The effect of mopping with a sponge is better(Or use ILIFE W450), and the ground is wiped clean; If there is an oil stain on the ground, use detergent to remove it. When cleaning the ground, do not clean it once, at least twice, so that it can be completely cleaned.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the ground.

The vacuum cleaner can absorb all the dust on the ground, corner, bed, and sofa. Use different suction heads according to different corners. Only when the dust is sucked clean can the mop be wiped clean; We should clean the room thoroughly. ILIFE A11 smart robot vacuum is a good choice with 4000pa suction, and G80 handheld vacuum cleaners have 22000pa suction. They are favorable tools for cleaning.

3. Clean the sofa and under the bed.

Most people don't clean the sofa and under the bed, because it's difficult to sweep; If it takes a long time, there will be a lot of dust under it; Clean the room at least once a week to keep it thoroughly clean.

4. The corner shall be clean.

The corners of many families are dirty because it is difficult to clean, so they don't clean for a long time; First use the ILIFE G80 vacuum cleaner to suck it, and then mop it with ILIFE A11, so that the corner will be thoroughly cleaned. The smaller the place, the more likely it is to get dirty, so you should clean it carefully.

How to clean the hair lost by pets

1. Add some white vinegar or softener when washing.

When you find dog hair on the clothes when washing clothes, remember to add some white vinegar or softener in the washing process to soften the density of the fabric fiber, so that the hair can be washed off.

2. Use a dryer before washing.

Clothes or sheets contaminated with pet hair can be put into the dryer before cleaning. Hair can be loosened through the process of drying and curling, and then directly sucked into the collection net of the dryer.

3. Small gadgets - dust glue roller, transparent tape.

If you don't want to spend too much money, you can clean it with transparent glue and roll glue. If you find dog hair on your clothes before you go out, wipe it with tape or a rubber roller immediately and smooth it immediately.

4. Spray with an electrostatic protective agent.

Electrostatic protectants can make the hair adsorbed on clothes loose on the fabric, and can also remove the hair more easily.

5. Electrostatic action of plastic gloves.

If there is no dust removal glue roll or cleaning brush at home, take a pair of plastic gloves and dip some water on the clothes. The repeated friction will produce the electrostatic effect, which will make the stubborn hair adsorb to the gloves and easily remove the soft and indelible dog hair.

6. Fast and effective vacuum cleaner.

The best way is to use a vacuum cleaner with strong suction. ILIFE handheld vacuum cleaner series has a suction force of more than 20000Pa, it is easy to clean pets’ hair. Then, you can use a mop to thoroughly remove the hair adhered to the ground.

Tips for kitchen cleaning.

Cleaning supplies: Kitchen towel, old toothbrush, Shinebot W450.
1. Spray a certain amount of detergent on the ceramic tiles, and then paste kitchen paper towels. After about 10 minutes, tear off the paper towel and wipe it with a wet cloth.
2. Ceramic tile seams and other places that are difficult to clean can be brushed with the help of an old toothbrush.
3. Use W450 automatically to wash the floor.
Notes: Paste the special tin foil paper for kitchen on the wall near the stove to prevent oil stain from soiling the wall tiles. And the tin foil paper can be replaced, which is convenient and practical.

Does wooden flooring need maintenance?

Yes, the lifespan of hardwood floors has a lot to do with regular maintenance. In general, weekly maintenance is best.
Weekly maintenance will deal with hard-to-reach areas. Vacuums and wet mops are ideal for clearing troublesome areas like corners and spaces between hardwoods.
However, use the vacuum cleaner and mop with extreme caution. If your vacuum has a stirring rod, make sure it doesn't hit the floor. Also, the wheels on the vacuum cleaner can damage the floor.
If you need a suitable handheld vacuum that can both vacuum and mop. Invest in a W100. 

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Rebecca Jordan

Rebecca Jordan

I need the replacement spinner brushes for my ILIFE V3s Pro
I love it, but the brushes are down to the rubber part.

I need the replacement spinner brushes for my ILIFE V3s Pro
I love it, but the brushes are down to the rubber part.

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