Top Rated Robotic Vacuum for Pet Hair

Top Rated Robotic Vacuum for Pet Hair

According to user research by ILIFE, more than 80% of American households have pets. And pet hair cleaning is a big challenge in the house. Not only does it stick easily to carpets, sofas, and beds, but it can also easily clog the roller brush while collecting. In short, even some of the smartest robot vacuum designs struggle to clean up these residues.


For consumers who do not yet have a robot vacuum, choosing the right robotic vacuum to handle shedding can be a challenge. We needed its automated cleaning to help ease the cleaning as much as possible while also wanting it to be priced within our budget


We rounded up a selection of robot vacuums that are good at handling pet hair, ranging from affordable to super expensive. The core assessment point is the performance of robots in cleaning pet hair, and value-added items such as navigation systems, mopping features, and self-cleaning base stations will be reflected in their prices.

 ILIFE V3s Pro

ILIFE V3s Pro is the ancestor model of the ILIFE V series robot. As one of the cheapest robot vacuums on the market, its unique design makes it one of the best robots for handling pet hair. The ILIFE V series adopts a special suction opening design to ensure that the robot can collect pet hair to the maximum extent. At the same time, to avoid tangling, ILIFE gave up the use of roller brushes on the V series robot. Experimental data from Tomsguide shows that "it collected 100% of pet fur from hardwood floors and 99% from carpet" which is a perfect performance indeed.


iRobot Roomba S9 is an option that often nominated by major media. As well as on the floor, it does an excellent job of dealing with pet hair on low-pile and high-pile carpets. For cleaning pet hair alone, it provides performance second only to the V3s Pro. Matching its high price, it provides a lot of features that the V3s Pro does not have. Its optical navigation system, APP control function, and self-cleaning base. There is no doubt that this is a more intelligent robot. We recommend that you clean the roller brushes after each use to avoid tangling issues and better maintain the robot.


The Roborock S7+ is a serious contender for sub-$1,000 robots thanks to its powerful suction, lidar, and mopping capabilities that don't wet carpets. One trusted review mentions: As a first-time buyer of a robot vacuum, I have done a lot of research on whether it can avoid objects I need. The Roborock S7+ is great. My floors have never been cleaner. With two Dogs, the S7+ has been picking up tons of hair and dust all day that seems to settle on the carpet and hardwood floors, we were amazed at the amount of rubbish we found in the bin. I'm very happy with the purchase because it saves time spent vacuuming every day.

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