4 tips to refresh your car interior!

4 Tips To Refresh Your Car Interior!

Many car owners have the same experience. For ordinary cars, the car interior is very easy to get dirty and dust. Especially for those who like to smoke, the interior is full of soot. There are many materials for automobile interiors. For example, the dashboard is covered with plastic materials and soft materials, the seats are made of knitted materials and soft materials, and the doors are made of plastic materials. All materials cannot be cleaned with one method. Car maintenance is reflected in the internal and external cleaning and cleaning of the car.

How to quickly clean the dead spots and interior of the car? We might be able to share some tips.

1. Seat Cleaning

The seat is the most easily soiled part because it is often used. The cleanliness of the car is often determined by whether the seat is dirty or not. Before cleaning, we prepare a bottle of car foam cleaner, a clean cloth, an ILIFE M50, a bottle of surface wax, and a flannel cloth.

First, use ILIFE M50 to absorb the dust and debris in the seat, then spray foam cleaner and wipe the seat surface with a flannel to clean the dirty places such as large stains, garbage, stains, dirt, etc.

2. Car Dashboard

The dashboard and steering wheel are mostly plastic and leather products, which are easy to adhere to dust. The air conditioner vents should be specially cleaned. When cleaning the vents, be careful not to spray foam detergent directly on it. If it is sprayed into the vents it will not be easy to clean. You can spray foam on the soft brush first, and then brush the vents. This cleaning is troublesome and requires patience.

3. Place for small items

ILIFE M50 is most useful for cleaning these small places. The interior of the footwell is dirty and dusty. The central armrest box and ashtray, especially under the seat and on the side of the seat, can be cleaned quickly by using M50 handheld vacuum cleaner with a maximum suction of 15000Pa.

4. Carpet

Carpets are often trampled on, which must be the easiest to get dirty. Besides daily dust, they also include the dirt carried by the owner's feet. At present, the carpets brought by the car itself are basically integrated with the car, so it is not easy to remove them for cleaning. It is recommended to put movable foot mats in the car.

If the floor mats are not too dirty but there is some floating ash, just take them out of the car and pat them. Then use M50 for dust collection to make the dirty carpet look less dirty.

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