What do you need for floor cleaning

What do you need for floor cleaning?

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Dust is everywhere, which not only affects the indoor environment, but also endangers people's respiratory system.Fortunately, modern technology makes our cleaning work much easier. For example, many families are equipped with sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners, which can effectively solve the debris and dust on the floor.

If you have a robot vacuum, it is no longer troublesome to clean the dust on the floor, especially the dust and hair in the corners and cracks. ILIFE V80 Max Mop robot vacuum cleaner has the function of vacuuming and mopping in one. It can clean the dust on the floor.

Although V80 Max mop can effectively solve the residue, dust, etc,it also has one deficiency, that is, it is helpless for liquid wastes such as noodles, sewage and fruit juice. If you have those messes in your house, you can choose the ILIFE W100 vacuum mop cleaner, which can handle the dry and wet messes on the ground at one time without touching your hands.

In addition, different materials of the floor, cleaning methods will be different, and the detergent used will also be different.

Generally, the detergent is diluted in water to avoid the residual substances in the detergent corroding the floor. If it is inconvenient to clean the edges and corners, you can clean them with an old soft toothbrush and detergent. Remember to rinse them with clean water after cleaning, otherwise they will not only damage the floor, but also get dirtier and dirtier.

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Beverly Delp

Beverly Delp

Maci says I am sorry for all the dog hair i would like to give you a vacuum

Maci says I am sorry for all the dog hair i would like to give you a vacuum

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