6 Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Clean

6 Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Clean

1. Open the window to ventilate after getting up in the morning.

The first thing you do when you get up is to open the windows. Let the fresh air into your room to start your day.

2. Clean the bedding regularly.

It is very important to wash the quilts and sheets regularly and keep them clean. Our skin has to deal with them for a long time every day, so change the bedding once a month. When changing the quilt and bed sheet, remember to change the pillow, which is easy to forget.

3. Keep the floor and furniture clean and tidy, and clean up the dead corner.

Bedroom floors should be cleaned and mopped frequently. I recommend using the ILIFE EASINE W100 wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop, which has the function of vacuuming and mopping the floor in one. And if you see the dust on the furniture, you must wipe it with a wet towel. In particular, there are some dead corners of bedrooms and furniture. Remember to clean them regularly. These places are not ventilated and are prone to moisture, even mildew.

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4. Properly adjust the air humidity in the bedroom.

It is also very important to grasp the humidity of the bedroom. Appropriate air humidity is also a very important factor for human comfort.

5. Don't smoke in the bedroom.

For friends who smoke, try not to smoke in the bedroom. Smoke can pollute the air a lot. And harmful substances will be adsorbed to the quilt and bed surface, which will always harm the health of you and your family.

6. Don't eat in bed.

Many of us have this habit. When we're free, it's so comfortable to lie in bed, play with the computer and put some snacks at the head of the bed. This kind of behavior is actually not good, and it greatly affects the hygiene of the bedroom.

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