ILIFE pet hair cleaning artifact

ILIFE Pet Hair Cleaning Artifact

In recent years, the number of pet owners has been increasing, and pets have become indispensable members of the family. Every corner of your home can be a paradise for cats and dogs. They spend most of their time indoors, and wherever they pass there is always a lot of hair loss.


In fact, in addition to pet hair visible to the naked eye, pets also bring a lot of invisible microorganisms to the home, such as pet dander, which is also a part that many pet owners tend to ignore. Dander consists primarily of tiny skin particles shed by pets with fur or feathers that may shed on surfaces or waft through the air into indoor dust.


Many pet owners use traditional cleaning methods such as brooms to clean up,which easily makes pet hair float in the air and cannot be thoroughly cleaned. After cleaning, the broom is also a gathering place for hair,which is easier to absorb more bacteria and dander.


So, how to get rid of pet hair thoroughly?


The best way to remove pet hair and dander is to completely drive it out of the home, so a vacuum cleaner with strong suction and a fully sealed filter system is essential. The ILIFE V series robot vacuum(Like V9e)and ILIFE handheld vacuum cleaners (Like G80) works well for pet hair clean. V9e robot supports a maximum 4000Pa suction power and collect the fur easily. G80 vacuum cleaner with powerful suction up to 22000Pa, there is no dander to hide.


ILIFE R&D engineers have spent a lot of time developing the filter screen and storage device of the vacuum cleaner,and have also conducted a lot of tests to continuously optimize the performance of the vacuum cleaner product. The handheld vacuum cleaner G80 and V-series V9e capture not only visible pet hair, but invisible dander as well.It works efficiently in a real home environment.


Learn more about V9e and G80.


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