Learn more about ILIFE Robotics

Learn More About ILIFE Robotics

What is the ILIFE?

ILIFE is a world-leading manufacturer and innovator specializing in robot vacuums, floor washing machines, handheld vacuums, and other superior household cleaning devices.

"ILIFE", a combination of the capital letter "I" and the word "LIFE", reflecting the pursuit of a better life. With this mission, ILIFE is and will always be committed to providing more cut-edging and high-quality cleaning products to help more people worldwide create a cleaner, easier, and smarter life.

Where are ILIFE robot vacuums made?

Based in Shenzhen, China. Founded in 2010, ILIFE has now grown into a company with more than 1000 employees and 300 engineers. Our business has expanded to over 40 countries, helping millions of families around the world to create a clean living environment.

Are ILIFE robot vacuums good?

As an important competitor in the industry, ILIFE's robot vacums provide consumers with more choices. They are easy to use and simple to set up, not as complicated as Ecovacs, and Roborock products. Moreover, the budget-friendly price is very attractive to most consumers. Whether you are a new user, or an elderly person who is not good at using smartphones, ILIFE's products may be more suitable for your needs. Listed below are some media reviews of ILIFE's products for your reference.

“The ILIFE V3s Pro was nearly perfect on our hardwood floor tests, picking up an average 99.8% of the Cheerios, kitty litter and pet hair we threw at it. That score is the single best hardwood test result average of any robot vacuum we tested.” -- Reviewed by Tomsguide

“The ILIFE A9 performed well in testing and offers an impressive set of features for its price. If you have medium-pile carpeting in your home, it’s not the best option, but if you have hard floors and low-pile carpeting, it’s one of the best robot vacuums you can get in the sub-$300 range.” -- Reviewed by PCMag

“The ILIFE A11 delivers a solid all-around cleaning performance with a price tag that should accommodate most budgets. Whether you’re looking to purchase our first robot vacuum or to upgrade from a more stripped-down model, the A11 is a most attractive option.” -- Reviewed by TechHive

“Overall, I'm surprised more people don't invest in robotic vacuums, especially if you have pets (though you might want to be careful if your pet has incontinence problems.) The ILIFE V8s Robotic Mop & Vacuum Cleaner is a particularly attractive option because it forgoes smart connectivity in favor of a lower price and simple functionality. So, for around $279, you get many of the cleaning features you might expect from pricier Roombas.” -- Reviewed by BusinessInsider

“I am dubious about two-in-one robot vacuums, as they spread dirt across the entire floor with a wet mop before it's left to dry again. Only robots that have two tanks can properly clean the floor, and the W450 certainly does clean the floor well and collects the dirty water again. My floor looks clean after just one pass.” -- Reviewed by ZDNet

“If you’re after a no-frills robot floor cleaner that’s good for large open spaces, then the ILIFE W400 will be more than happy to mop up all of your messes.” -- TechRadar

Which ILIFE robot is the best?

It depends on your needs.

If you need a robot vacuum cleaner with high suction, then ILIFE A11 and ILIFE V9e may be suitable for you. Both robots have a maximum suction power of 4000Pa.

If you need a vacuum and mop 2-in-1robot, either the V80 Max Mop or the A80 Max Mop are fine.

If you just need a basic sweeper, the V3s Pro or A4s Pro are perfect. As two ILIFE classics, they won Best Seller on most shopping platforms.

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