ILIFE V80 Max for Pet Hair Cleaning

Is the V80 Max Robot Suitable for Pet Hair Cleaning?

Yes. ILIFE V-series robot vacuum cleaner specially designed for cleaning pet hair. With a tangle-free suction opening and powerful suction, the V80 Max maximizes pet hair collection on the floor. Its extraordinary hair-cleaning performance is what makes it so popular with the majority of pet families.
V80 Max tangle-free Cleaning
ILIFE V3s Pro has long been rated the best pet hair cleaning robot and the most affordable robot vacuum by major media sites. The V80 Max is an alternative to the ILIFE V3s Pro. Its convenient APP control and mopping function effectively make up for the lack of functionality of the V3s Pro.
V80 Max APP control Function
Most of the sweeping robots on the market are only equipped with dustbins with a capacity of less than 500ml. When facing pet hair, the small-capacity dust box will be very insufficient, so the user has to clean the litter box frequently. However, the ILIFE V80 Max robot is equipped with a super-large dustbin with a capacity of 750ml, which reaches the capacity limit of a non-base station sweeping robot. Giving every pet owner save cleaning time and get more leisure time is our goal.
V80 Max 750ml dustbin capacity
Overall, ILIFE V80 Max is a robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair. Its design philosophy from perspective of pet hair cleaning is the key to its success. At the same time, the friendly price also makes it suitable for most pet families.

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