How to Maintenance and Cleaning ILIFE V5s Pro

How to Maintenance and Cleaning ILIFE V5s Pro

How to maintenance and cleaning V5s Pro Robot?

1. Clean the bumper and cliff sensor with tissue or rug.
Cleaning Bumper and Cliff  Sensor
2. Remove the side brush screws and clean the side brush and screw holes.
Cleaning side brush
3. Remove the nose wheel to clean it, then clean the wheel groove.
Cleaning nose wheel
4. Clean the side wheels with a rag.
Cleaning side wheel
5. Clean the charging pins on the robot and base.
Cleaning charging pins
6. Remove the filters from the dust box, lightly cleaning the primary filter with the cleaning brush, lightly tap the high-performance filter, then assembly them.
Cleaning dustbin
7. Hand wash the mop with running water.
Cleaning mop cloth
8. Fill the tank with clean water and shake the tank to rinse the inside.
Cleaning water tank
When in doubt, please refer to this V5s Pro cleaning tutorial video.

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop is one of the best entry-level vacuum and mop 2-in-1 robot. It boasts up to 110 mins runtime, advanced i-dropping technology, and a tangle-free suction opening.

V5s Pro is an important addition to the ILIFE V-series robot vacuums, which are specialists in pet hair cleaning. If you have cats or dogs in your home. If you need a robot vacuum for pet hair. The V5s Pro is an excellent choice.

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